Final Multimedia Project Challenges

This is an informal list of some of challenges I faced during the creation of the Final Multimedia project and what I did to overcome them:
  • Importing SWF files into iMovie - I used the free version of Jing to create my screen casts. However, it creates Shockwave Flash (SWF) files, which cannot be imported into iMovie. After searching fruitlessly for a SWF to Quicktime converter, I recaptured the screen casts by using a second screen recorder - Capture Me. The drawback here was that Capture Me did not record sound. Thankfully, EasyWMV would convert the sound portion of the SWF to a .WAV, which I lined up in iMovie. I didn't like the audio quality of the Jing screencasts, so I replaced all the audio with voiceovers, but it was helpful to have the reference.
  • shaky camera work - some of the moving video shots we difficult to film with a tripod, so I shot them while holding the camera. Unfortunately, the shots often included me pushing buttons at the same time, so I could only devote one hand (and less attention) to the camera. I ended up using the image stabilization function in iMovie, but was only somewhat satisfied. In the future, I would either use a tripod or a second person to run the camera.
  • Editing amount of content - a major challenge throughout the project was balancing scope and completeness versus brevity and clarity. I ended up removing a few minor portions from my storyboard to make the final project more concise.