Audio Activity 3


This is a short test 'podcast' created with Aviary Myna. Creation steps:
  • selected a few music samples and crossfaded from one to the other
  • recorded narration using the built in mic on my computer, then imported this file into my Myna creation
  • lowered the pitch of the narration with the built-in effects
  • used the breakpoint gain automation to lower the music during the narration
  • found another short music sample, which I dropped in at the start of each of the first 5 measures of music
  • modified each instance of this short sample in different ways (panning, flanger, level, etc)
  • 'mixed-down' the creation to an MP3 file

Review of Myna:

Myna is a flash-based audio editor that is surprising responsive. While it has a great deal of capability for free, there are some severe limitations.
  1. The effects choices are limited.
  2. The effects are generally poor sounding. The pitch change effect I used on my voice has clicks and other glitches in the processed sound.
  3. New recordings are made on the user's computer and uploaded. While recording, the Myna creation does not play, so it is impossible to play along with a creation. This prevents Myna from being used for any type of musical 'over-dubbing', such as vocals over music, where the new performance must be in-sync with the previous music.
  4. Difficult to move a group of sound regions together.
  5. Cannot store or work on creations off-line.