Audio Activity 2 - Podcast


The podcast focuses on recording speech and the extraneous room noise that can be a huge distraction with narration. It also compares two different computer microphones, the internal mic on an Apple MacBookPro and a Blue Snowflake USB mic. (street price approx. $45)

I happened to be in a hotel room with a room air conditioner when I made this podcast, so I explored a few different ways to reduce the room noise. One method involved simply holding the external USB mic closer to the source (mouth).

A free option for reducing extraneous noise is to provide some kind of acoustic isolation to the recording. Pillows or chair cushions can be placed around the computer to block out room noise. Another great place for recording is in a clothes closet, especially a walk-in closet which has clothes hanging on three sides. The clothes reduce extraneous noise and dampen reflections. It may look unorthodox, but it is an easy and free method for improving

Makeshift "Vocal Booth"



Music - "Gleaming Short"
Royalty free music included with Apple iLife/iMovie

Blue Snowflake USB mic